Six Fruit Ninja Tips That Will Improve Your Score

Fruit Ninja is a video game for the iPhone and Pad. Halfbrick Studios published the game. You play the game by touching and slicing the screen with your finger to achieve certain goals. For example, you slice fruit in half with a sword as it flies in the air to earn scores.There are single player and multiplayer modes so you can practice your skills and then play head to head against other people.If you want to become a better at the hit game, Fruit Ninja, here are some Fruit Ninja Tips to improve your scores.Fruit Ninja Gameplay TipsGame Modes:1. Arcade: Slice as much fruit as you can in 1 minute. There are bombs and power-up in this mode. Bombs will reduce your score by ten points so don’t slice them.2. Classic: Slice as much fruit as you can before you get three strikes. A strike happens when fruit touches the bottom of the screen without being sliced. Bombs end the game if they are sliced.3. Zen: Slice as much fruit as possible within 1 and a half minutes. No bombs, power ups or lives to worry about.Multiplayer Modes1. Classic Attack: This is the classic version of the game but head to head. The first person who gets 3 strikes loses.2. Zen Duel: This is the zen version of the game head to head. The highest score at the end of the game is the winner.Frozen Banana Power-Ups1. Red: Fruit shoots from the sides of the game so you can have higher slice combos.2. Blue: 2x multiplier for the points you get.3. White: Screen is frozen and fruit slowed down to make game easier.Here are my favorite Fruit Ninja Tips1. Keep your finger just below the best score counter in the upper left part of the game. If you keep your finger in this area, it is easier to make straighter and more consistent slices.2. If you see a bomb close by fruit, wait till they separate from the fruit before trying to slice fruit.3. Horizontal slices usually are better because you are likely to get more combos.4. Remember that you can use more than one banana power up at once so they stack on each other.5. You are less likely to get combos if you keep your finger on the pad, use more than one finger, or make slices in a circular shape.6. If a lot of fruit is tossed up at the same time, the smaller fruits are better to go for because they require more accuracy and you have less time to slice them.